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TCST's Process Control Module now provides automatic charting for SL performance and cell phone alerting for build crashes etc. .....more>>

Purchasing - If you're planning on purchasing a used SL system. Let us review the log files first. Ensure that you don't get a lemon! .....more>>

Total C S Team, Inc. (TCST) is no longer providing SL System service.
For all queries regarding log processing, the Process Control Module or available tools etc. please contact the following:

For all queries regarding Lean Six Sigma, Strategy Implementation, or General Business Consulting, please contact Marty McGough at:

Marty - Contact

blade (SLA500, SLA5000, SLA7000)
Click here for details about the
Removable Recoater Blade for
SLA®500, SLA5000 & SLA7000

SL System Upgrades    

Removable Recoater Blade System
TCST's Removable Recoater Blade System for large-frame stereolithography systems is still available .....more>>




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